About Us

Simple School Solutions is a product Launched by APJ Technologies
We believe that happiness is key to unlocking your school’s full potential. We understand the importance of education and creating a healthy and happy environment to optimize  Teachers, student and School Staff performance and engagement. Our mission is to help learning institutions create a more positive educational culture with our world-class School Management Software. That’s why we keep our solution simple so you can focus on what truly matters – providing a great environment for your school.

How Simple School Solution was developed

Our Story

” We offered our services to a community school Zwelisha Primary School, in Kabokweni. We started with a facebook page where we successfully engaged and involved parents for the first time in the activities in Zwelisha Primary’s Fund Raising Event. Our next step was to create a digital resource for the school to solve challenges that they faced.

Education is Power, APJ Technologies believes in bringing this power through simple school solutions to ALL learning institutes to make education and school operations effective, efficient and most of all Simple for  Teachers, Learners and Parents on ONE PLATFORM, leveling the educational fields for all learning institutes.

– Joshna Nagar

Our Vision and Mission

Simple School Solutions was created to provide a powerful tool to transform ALL learning institutions in Africa, levelling the educational field for ALL.


A Simple Product that can be easily managed by anyone



We Care about everyone involved in empowering a Learner



We build long lasting relationships based on trust and transparency